I'm Sara.

I've spent the majority of my years here in the Pacific Northwest, living along the shores of the Salish Sea. This place is dynamic and captivating--forged in fire and carved by ice and home to some of the most charismatic megafauna in the world. From an early age they've inspired me and it is my goal in life to protect and recover them... and inspire others to do the same.

From tidal currents to cedar forests,

everything is connected.

As a naturalist and photographer I have spent countless hours with the whales and wildlife that call the Salish Sea home. With that time has come a deep awakening to the fact that everything is connected and protecting one things means protecting many things.

For me photography is about advocacy and storytelling. It's about learning from our past to better direct our future into one that is sustainable for all. Every photo I share is one I hope will inspire someone somewhere to speak out for the health of our planet and the myriad of creatures that call it home.

If people know,

They care.

It's a principle I believe in and it’s what motivates me to create and share my photography with the world. When people know these creatures, when they hear their stories, they become advocates.

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